Investor Relations

ICA develops and implements customized programs to generate investor awareness for publicly traded companies. Our multi-faceted approach will enhance corporate visibility and can create sustained trading activity with all its associated benefits.

Investor relations is a strategic management responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company's securities achieving fair valuation.

Daily management and execution of an IR strategy is paramount to the success of a campaign. To be effective, an IR program requires dedicated personnel to coordinate both lead generating efforts and communications efforts that must go "beyond the press release". Therefore, in addition to crafting and distributing strategic press releases and other necessary corporate "literature" electronically and in print, we couple this with proactive communications and daily interaction with investors.

At ICA, investor relations and strategic communications is our primary focus, and we have developed customized solutions to address the needs of companies ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies.

Our Services Include:

Investor Relations
Public Relations
Strategic Communications
Business to Business Communications
Transactional Communications
Conference Call Management
Marketing Collateral
Analyst Outreach
Crisis Management
Road Shows


“Beyond the Press Release”

Company Story

  • ICA will create a “Company 2 page Bio”; corporate profile, financial highlights and      management overview.
  • Updated quarterly

Investor Relations

  • Communication of Company media, press releases and analyst reports to the ICA “investor      specific” database of 35 million and all ICA institutional and individual relationships.
  • Dissemination of 2 page Bio to all ICA's databases; investor and institutional.
  • Update current shareholders with new company media and events.
  • Incorporation of your NOBO list in conjunction with our databases to maintain consistent communications.

Broker / Dealer Network

  • Built over 100 years in the industry, ICA has an extensive Broker / Dealer network that we will be introducing your company during the initial stages of our campaign and keeping updated with each step forward.

Investor Lead Generation (investor specific)

  • Generated response from our qualified opt-in database of 12.5 million stock investors.
  • Generated response from our qualified opt-in database of 20 million general investors.

Investor Leads Captured

  • ICA will build a “landing” website individualized for your company that will gather specific interested investor information and send the data to our offices for follow-up.

Strategic Communications

  • Direct communication to our existing investor base
  • Direct communication and introduction to our existing Broker / Dealer relationships
  • Direct response to our “lead generation” campaign, your company specific leads

Investor sites and blogs

  • ICA  will update “key” investor site boards with each media release
  • ICA will utilize industry specific investor blogs updating current activity

Road Show(s)

  • During the course of our campaign your company may have specific events, such as market navigation or funding needs.  We can schedule and manage specific road shows to accomplish these goals.


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